Staying Active While Social Distancing

Staying Active While Social Distancing

Pre-pandemic, we went to the gym, swam, and stayed active however we wanted. We could also work out with friends, and a lot of the time they were the reason we stayed motivated in the first place. Now, with social distancing orders in full effect we must shift from our comfort zones and find new ways to stay active. Luckily there are plenty of creative ways to do so!

The Morning Routine

Staying active is a state of mind, and you must feel good to want to move around and accomplish tasks for the day. This can be difficult during times like these when your options are limited. To escape the state of mind that keeps you in bed all day, create a routine is your best bet. Everyone’s routine will be different, but here is an example of a one that will encourage you to stay active:  

  1. Set an alarm for the same time every morning and put on clothes you feel comfortable moving around in before you do anything else.
  2. Make your bed to decrease the temptation to crawl back in.
  3. Make a cup of coffee or tea and eat a light breakfast.
  4. Go on a walk outside, put on a workout video, or do some light stretching.

Having a solid morning routine that includes some physical activity will not only start kickstart your day, it will also boost your mood and stabilize your daily energy level.

Get Some Fresh Air

Another thing you can do to stay active is start a garden on your porch or in your backyard. Not only will gardening get you out of the house, you’ll get some exercise, too. Gardening is also a great way to occupy your mind as you will need to research how to keep your plants alive. You will also get some excitement when your first vegetable or herb sprouts! For more information on starting a garden, follow this link


The most important step in staying active…is the first step you take! If the gym isn’t open and you do not have any workout gear at home, there are hundreds of equipment-free home workout videos online. Simply put on your favorite workout clothes and follow the instructions. You can also search for yoga videos for a more meditative, relaxing workout. YouTube, FitOn and other fitness apps are also helpful tools for finding the best at-home workouts for you.

Reach Out

Lastly, if you need a little extra motivation to get off of the couch, call few friends. You can set up a zoom meeting, put on the same workout video and stay active together! Not only will you get to “hangout” with friends and have some laughs, you’ll also be keeping each other accountable and in shape during social distancing. It always helps to have friends to motivate you especially during times like these when we are apart.

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