Sawmill Slough Preserve

The Sawmill Slough Preserve is a 382-acre natural area located on the University of North Florida campus. The area was designated as a preserve in 2006 by President John A. Delaney and the Board of Trustees, after years of continued requests from the university community. The Preserve includes a wetland habitat stretching through the western portion of the campus and additional small areas of drier habitat, including some longleaf pine-turkey oak woodlands.


Dedication ceremony

The Sawmill Slough Preserve has been a focal point in the development of the university campus and culture.

Species of Special Concern

In addition to providing habitat for wildlife, the Sawmill Slough Preserve is a great place to appreciate nature, for a quiet hike or to view wildlife.

Wildlife Monitoring

Student research assistants continually monitor the Sawmill Slough Preserve for wildlife activity.