About the Inventory

Since 2006, Mr. Chuck Hubbuch, Assistant Director of Physical Facilities, Landscape and Grounds, and Curator of the Sawmill Slough Preserve, has been compiling an inventory of the native plants and animals located on the UNF campus’ natural areas. As a step towards continuing engagement in the Preserve, the UNF Environmental Center hired students to assist with the Campus Natural Assets Inventory (CNAI). Mapping of the Preserve boundaries was conducted by Dr. J. David Lambert and Robert Richardson. The CNAI has helped create materials that make educational experiences related to nature more accessible to UNF students and the public community, and expanded the use of UNF campus natural resources for teaching and research. The CNAI also contributed to the Campus Natural Areas Management Plan.

Beginning in 2011, the UNF Environmental Center sponsored two graduate students and one undergraduate student from the UNF Department of Biology to focus on the plant inventory, fill the gaps and address complex groups like the grasses, sedges, and aquatic species. Graduate students, Jason McGregor and Will Seemer, contributed 121 new species to the inventory and 11 new species records for Duval County. Undergraduate student, Gina Alvarez, focused on aquatic plants and contributed 4 new species to the inventory and 2 new species records for Duval County. The CNAI is a collaborative effort between the Curator, UNF faculty, staff and students and is an important step in maintaining and protecting UNF’s natural resources.

Much of the work compiled for the CNAI was utilized in the formation of the Sawmill Slough Preserve Digital Archive. The Digital Archive is a scientific and educational tool for sharing information about the unique diversity and years of research and management efforts on the Preserve. The Archive includes the plant inventory, as well as pictures and taxonomic information. View the full plant inventory here.