Conservation Club

Long before the Sawmill Slough Preserve was formally established, a grassroots organization, the “Sawmill Slough Conservation Club” protected the land from enemies foreign and domestic.  Many dedicated faculty and students tended, argued, and protested for the preservation of a part of the UNF campus that was an inspiration for many. 

During the course of the club’s existence (1973 – 2004) a couple of hearty souls, Michael Woodward and Erin Wiggins (now Shaver), compiled a history of the trials and tribulations of the club and its playground.  In putting up this digital version of the preserve we thought it fitting that the history of the club be preserved with it, and so with the gracious agreement of both authors, the thirty year history of the Sawmill Slough Conservation Club (SSCC) is available below as a PDF (click the cover page).  We hope that students, faculty and staff that were involved in the SSCC find fond memories in its pages, and we encourage all alumni to contact us if they have photos of the preserve during these years so that we may create a historical record of the preserve and make available on this site. 

We also dedicate this page to the memory of Dr. Robert “Doc.” Loftin and John M. Golden champions of the preserve for many years.

Dr. Robert 'Doc' Loftin John M. Golden

Fight On!

This publication profiles the history of the Sawmill Slough Conservation Club, one of the first clubs on the University of North Florida Campus. Originally written by Michael Woodward, a prominent former president of the club, the book was later updated by Erin Wiggins to include an additional history of the club. Woodward and Wiggins were just two of the many members and faculty members who participated in the club during its history. The SSCC worked tirelessly to protect the Sawmill Slough on campus, but they also conducted many trips and outreach activities off campus. Fight On! profiles some of the many challenges and successes experienced by the club during its over 30 year history.

"Fight On!" book cover

The digitization of “Fight On!” was accomplished by Dr. Stuart Chalk.